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Making the Most of Every Opportunity

May 19, 2011 • Rev. Deb Koster


We spend the working hours of the day tending to all of our responsibilities and when we meet at the end of the day we are exhausted.  Our work is not over when we enter the door.  The responsibilities of home and family call for our attention. Sometimes we just want to check out and decompress.

How do you transition to family at the end of the day? For those driving home it is a great idea to pray for your family as you drive toward home. This will clear the stresses of the work day and redirect your heart towards your family. The supper hour can be a challenging time of the day. We used to call this the acid hour as tired and hungry kids melted down as you tried to make dinner. There is no perfect answer for this challenging time, only a good sense of humor. We always tried to play music and sing together as we gathered toys and prepared for supper.

We need to make the most of all of these opportunities to care for our families. Time spent working and playing together communicates our love. We all have gifts we need to pour into our families. We have all been given many gifts from our Heavenly Father and he expects us to use these gifts to serve those around us. What gifts do you think that you can contribute to your family? What would your spouse identify as your gifts?


Gracious Lord, You know the challenges that we face. Help us to care for our families using all the gifts that you have given us. Help us to take every opportunity and seize it for your glory.


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