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Rev. Joel Vande Werken

Before You Say "I Do" Catch the Big Picture

January 19, 2017 • Rev. Joel Vande Werken

What is marriage about anyway? Consider asking the big questions about how God views the meaning and purpose of marriage before stepping into relationship.

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Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Before You Say "I Do" Ask The Big Questions

January 16, 2017 • Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Wondering if this is the right person to marry? Consider how your thoughts align in these critical areas before walking down the aisle and saying "I do".

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Jason Ruis

Loving God More Than Your Spouse

October 13, 2016 • Jason Ruis

Our spouse should never be put on a pedestal. God is the one who should have first place in our life, for we love our spouse best when we serve him first.

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Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Marriage Boundaries: Tending Our Fences and Opening Our Gates

June 30, 2016 • Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Marriages benefit from having healthy boundaries. Consider this biblical wisdom for knowing when fences should be built and when gates should be opened.

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Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Cohabitation: Should Christians Live Together Before Marriage?

May 9, 2016 • Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

Living together before marriage is common in our culture, but is it a good idea? Discover Biblical wisdom for making the best choice for your relationship.

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Marilyn Ciaramitaro, MSW, MA, LCSW

Be a Good Listener: The Virtue of Understanding

March 21, 2016 • Marilyn Ciaramitaro, MSW, MA, LCSW

How would you rate your listening skills? Discover the secrets to improving your listening skills and find the blessings for your relationships.

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Deb Koster

Remarriage: How Can I Be Sure I Am Ready?

February 22, 2016 • Deb Koster

How can you be sure that you are ready for a new relationship? Consider this remarriage checklist for helping you determine if you are ready to move on.

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Deb Koster

When the Boat Rocks: Advice for Newlyweds

February 15, 2016 • Deb Koster

Launching into the seas of matrimony is challenging if you are not prepared. Discover advice for helping newlyweds launch into married life successfully.

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Rev. Steven Koster

Setting Limits: How Can Boundaries Help My Family?

February 1, 2016 • Rev. Steven Koster

Struggle with setting limits in your family? Discover the blessing of boundaries with Biblical wisdom to establish limits that guide healthy relationships.

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Deb Koster

How to Bring Everyday Romance into Your Relationship

October 5, 2015 • Deb Koster

Romance is fueled by everyday acts of investing in one another's lives. Discover ways to build romance into your relationship by cultivating intimacy.

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Deb Koster

Seeking God First in Courtship

June 11, 2015 • Deb Koster

Has your dating relationship become more important than God? Consider Biblical wisdom for keeping your priorities aligned so that God is sought first.

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