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Sometimes there are just no words. Our hearts ache and coherent thoughts elude us. Only the Spirit understands the weight of our struggle.

As we walk from day to day with our families, there are so many obstacles and so many unexpected battles that we cannot string together even one comprehensible sentence to communicate our need for help, our utter confusion, and our pain.

Because there are no words, we do not even know how we should pray.

This parenting work can completely overwhelm us. We fear that we are failing, that our children are stuck, and that our faith is feeble. We fear that an answer is needed and yet cannot be found. We fear that we are not enough, not nearly enough, and that our weakness will impact the lives of our families in untold ways.

And so words fall away and only groaning arises from our heart and what will ever come of that?

So much.

So much can come from our wordlessness. Because even when it all seems overwhelming, we are not a people left without hope and help and intercession. In truth, our failings and our weaknesses make room for the Spirit to move right in. And we may not sense it and we may doubt it, but our wordless groans arrive at the throne of God as beautiful, articulate cries of faith.

Romans 8:26 reads, “The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.”

And so when the day is long and you are weary, when your children are sick and healing is needed, when you desire peace in your home while a battle rages on, you are not alone.

Take comfort in these truths of scripture:

  • Your Heavenly Father is watching over you.
  • Christ died to give you acess to God.
  • Nothing can ever seperate you from God's love.
  • The Spirit will intercede on your behalf.
  • God has a plan even when life feel chaotic.
  • God will redeem all of the pain we experience.
  • You are not alone, the Spirit of God resides within you.

You are not without hope. And, you do not need to craft a prayer consisting of the perfect phrasing. Hovering near is God’s gift to His children. The Holy Spirit sees you and is interceding for you, even when words and requests will not come. Even when we no longer know what we must pray for today. The cry of your heart is heard and is brought before the throne of God who loves you so deeply, who loves your family so fiercely, that He would give His Son for you.

The God who loves you like that will never close His ear or turn His head. He mourns alongside you and laughs with your joy. He seeks to enfold you and your children, even when you have wandered away. He loves you in a way beyond what we will never understand and He will answer your cries.

Even when there are no words, the Spirit intercedes.


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