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Last week was spring break. With our tight budget staring us down, staying in town became our plan. While I tried to get excited about relaxing days spent at home, it was hard to avoid wishing for more. As the vacation days began, my Facebook page filled with friend’s posts about tropical getaways and big fancy trips. Playing in the backyard was losing its luster, quickly.

I tried to keep my focus on the time we had to share. My kids and I went outside, made fun foods, spent time with friends and made space to finally unwind. The weather was warm and the flowers were blooming and it really was very nice. But, I still felt a little… disappointed.

Until I talked with my son.

As I stood grilling dinner one night, he came and stood by my side. At first he didn’t say anything… he just put his arm around my shoulder and watched me cook his meal.

Then he said, “I have just had the greatest day.”

Shocked, I looked at him. We had not gone anywhere at all.

“Really?” I responded.

His face lit up. He looked me in the eye. Smiling, he continued, “Mom, I got to run this morning and played soccer in the yard this afternoon. I had time to read, time to play some games, time to do nothing and now time with you. I never, ever get to do all the things I love in one day. I am always busy, always hurrying. Today, I was not busy but just had time. It was perfect.”

I was stunned.

“I was wishing we could get away for spring break,” I said. “But I hadn’t thought of staying home like that.”

He looked at me again. “Mom, I am glad we didn’t go on vacation. I don’t want to be away. I want to be here. I want to relax. We can go on vacation some other time. For spring break, I just want time.”

Sometimes, we chase things that feel important, but might not matter at all. Focusing on what I wasn’t able to do almost made me miss what was right in front of me.

My sweet boy, happy at home.



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