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There are days when my children struggle, when they wallow in tantrums and trouble, when they move from one poor choice to another.  There are days when all they need is to be pulled close and saved from their own impulses.  But my own sinful anger collides with the situation of the day and I find myself stuck in the muddy mire of selfishness.

How easy it is to become lost in our own unrepentant lives.

The prophet Zephaniah had a message about just this issue and though it was originally spoken to Judah, it applies to us today as well.  Zephaniah shared a serious message about the destruction that was to come to Judah, though he also was clear in reminding them of God’s deep love.  He affirms the humble and meek and offers comfort to Jerusalem, even in the midst of such a tumultuous time.

On the days of chaotic clamoring and deliberate disobedience, my children need the same from me.  Even in my frustration, I can find humility and from that place, speak truth and grace over my family.  Pulling them close, I can use the words of Zephaniah to remind them of what is truth.

The LORD your God is with you,
    he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
    he will quiet you with his love,
    he will rejoice over you with singing.”

And the comfort that was offered to Judah will belong to my children as well.  Because they need to know how loved they are, even on the hard days.  Especially on the hard days.

And maybe, as I share these words with those I deeply love, the truth of it all will settle gently on my heart and mind, as well.  Because my children are not the only ones who need these words of peace.

As we go through the darkest times, there is comfort to be found in knowing how loved we are.  There is comfort in being reminded that God does not struggle with human frailty.  He sees our lives, our weaknesses, our need for repentance and holds out His love for us nonetheless.  No, we will not be spared the consequences of our actions--nor was Judah.  But, we will be enfolded, saved, quieted by the One who loves us best.

This truth is a beautiful gift to all God’s children, big and small.


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