Articles by Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

2020-10-14 In The Ruins…God Sees You
2020-09-16 Mentoring Children to Manage their Conflicts
2020-08-16 Managing Covid Conversations
2020-05-17 Cultivating Intimacy in Your Marriage
2020-04-26 Navigating anxiety
2020-04-12 Where is God When Your World Falls Apart
2020-04-08 Practices to Strengthen your Relationship With Jesus
2020-02-19 Marriage 101: Learning to Communicate
2020-02-09 Initiating Sex with Your Spouse
2020-01-29 How Can I Glorify God in the Gutters of Life
2020-01-08 Parenting for the Long Run
2019-10-02 Creating Worship Practices at Home
2019-09-29 What Makes a Good Marriage?
2019-09-08 Four Lies You Should Believe to Ruin Your Sex Life
2019-06-23 Self-Care, or Self-Indulgent?
2019-02-20 How Far is Too Far?
2019-01-09 How Sex Changes Relationships
2018-10-28 Couples Who Cannot Have Sex
2018-10-10 Weathering the Storms of Life as A Couple
2018-08-08 Build friendship into your marriage
2018-08-01 Letting Go and Sticking Together
2018-06-04 Teaching Children Money Management
2018-05-14 Your Marriage: Covenant, or Contract?
2018-03-22 Sex: It doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means
2018-01-18 A Biblical Look at Singleness
2017-11-20 Gratitude All Year Long
2017-11-16 A Healthy Posture for Approaching Conflict
2017-10-02 How are Assumptions Impacting Your Marriage?
2017-06-28 Summer Reading to Grow Your Marriage
2017-06-22 Help for the Sexless Marriage
2017-06-05 Creating a Gracious Marriage
2017-04-24 Your Money Or Your Marriage?
2017-03-20 Fighting For Your Marriage
2017-02-13 Marriage Conflict: Rules of Engagement
2017-01-16 Before You Say "I Do" Ask The Big Questions
2017-01-05 God Works Through Weakness
2016-12-26 Help! My Schedule is Making Me Crazy!
2016-10-24 Preventative Maintenance For Your Marriage
2016-10-03 Parenting In a Media-Saturated World
2016-09-01 Is this Allowed? Guidelines for Christian Sex
2016-07-28 When Your Child Tells You They Are Gay
2016-07-14 Not Tonight Honey
2016-06-30 Marriage Boundaries: Tending Our Fences and Opening Our Gates
2016-05-09 Cohabitation: Should Christians Live Together Before Marriage?
2016-03-31 What I Wish I Knew as a New Parent
2016-02-29 A Biblical Approach to Masturbation
2016-01-25 Spiritual Disciplines for Family Life
2015-12-28 The Art & Grit of Granting Forgiveness
2015-10-29 Help for Overcoming Pornography
2015-10-26 Uprooting the Idols in Our Families
2015-09-21 How to Improve Your Sex Life
2015-08-06 Effective Discipline: Echoing the Gospel Rhythm of Grace