Articles by Rev. Deb Koster

2020-09-13 Why Our Words Matter
2020-08-30 Crossing Barriers and Learning to Love My Neighbor
2020-08-12 Be the Hero for your Family
2020-08-09 Who Am I Dating? Discover Their Secret Identity
2020-07-29 Navigating Life's Disappointments
2020-07-22 One Sided Marriage
2020-06-28 Cultivating a Virtue: Lord Give Me Patience!
2020-06-17 Placing God First
2020-06-10 The Power of Praying for One Another
2020-05-24 Scripture's Promises in Tough Times
2020-05-20 Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster
2020-05-13 Sharing Feelings
2020-05-06 Learning How to Share
2020-04-29 Listening for God
2020-04-05 When life feels overwhelming
2020-03-15 Is My Marriage Salvageable? Recognizing emotional abuse
2020-03-13 Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus
2020-02-05 What Could You Gain from Counseling?
2019-11-10 Learning to Practice Self-Care
2019-11-06 While You Wait for Your Marriage to be Healed
2019-09-03 Sharing our Brokenness
2019-08-14 In-Law Lessons from Moses
2019-07-14 Rules for Children Online
2019-07-07 Why Kids Need to Friend Their Parents Online
2019-06-12 Accepting Adult Kids, Being Adult Kids
2019-05-19 Parenting Avengers: Endgame Style
2019-05-08 Celebrating Singleness: Dating is Not a Goal
2019-05-05 My Beautiful Girl: Discovering a Biblical View of Beauty
2019-04-24 Finding Your Identity
2019-04-10 Why is it So Difficult to Draw Boundaries With Parents?
2019-03-27 Finding God in the Interruptions
2019-03-10 Invest in Your Marriage (It's Bigger than the Wedding)
2019-01-23 Establishing Justice at Home
2019-01-20 Discipline vs. Punishment: Why One Is Better Than the Other
2019-01-16 To Yell or not to Yell
2019-01-13 Should I Spank my Child?
2018-12-19 Put Down Your Cellphone
2018-10-31 Challenging the Myths of Talking to Your Kids About Sex
2018-09-06 Rules for Fair Fighting: Rule #7
2018-09-06 Rules for Fair Fighting: Rule #6
2018-08-30 Rules for Fair Fighting: Rule #2
2018-08-30 Rules for Fair Fighting: Rule #3
2018-08-30 Rules for Fair Fighting: Rule #5
2018-08-30 Rules for Fair Fighting: Rule #4
2018-08-26 Parenting: Communicating with Children at a Distance
2018-07-22 Guilt-Based Parenting
2018-06-28 Rebuilding After Separation
2018-05-24 Follow God's Call to Mentor
2018-03-29 Caring for One Another
2017-12-23 Encountering the Prince of Peace
2017-12-23 I Pray on Christmas
2017-11-27 8 Keys to Living a Joyful Life
2017-09-21 When to End a Marriage
2017-09-18 When to Fight for Your Marriage
2017-09-07 5 Ways You Give the Devil a Foothold in Your Life
2017-08-31 Our Road Map Through the Storm
2017-08-24 Navigating Difficult Relationships
2017-08-14 Embracing the Gift of God's Word
2017-07-20 Four Gateways to Intimacy
2017-04-13 The Gift of Sacrifice
2017-03-16 Talking to Kids about Sex
2017-03-06 Is Anger a Sin?
2017-02-23 What it Means to Love One Another
2017-02-16 Marriage Conflict: Why Do We Fight?
2017-02-09 Parenting: Whose Homework is This?
2017-01-23 Guidance for Making Difficult Decisions
2017-01-12 A Christian Response to Bad Behavior
2016-12-08 When Life Feels Overwhelming
2016-11-28 Finding Time for Spiritual Growth
2016-11-14 Follow Me as I Follow Christ
2016-11-07 Growing in Faith: Moving from Head to Heart
2016-10-31 6 Magic Questions to Improve Your Marriage
2016-10-10 Learning to Live Through Loss
2016-10-06 Crossing Bridges
2016-09-29 Forgiving the Villains
2016-09-26 Forgiving God
2016-09-05 Become an Agent of Justice
2016-08-08 What is My Role as a Grandparent?
2016-07-07 Multi-Generational Mentoring
2016-06-27 Saving Your Sanity This Summer
2016-06-20 Building Faith Around God's Table
2016-05-26 The Value of Praying the Scriptures
2016-04-25 How physical should a dating relationship be?
2016-04-21 Family Blessings from the Lord's Prayer
2016-03-03 Dating Advice for Young Adults
2016-02-25 Cultivating Relationships with Stepchildren
2016-02-22 Remarriage: How Can I Be Sure I Am Ready?
2016-02-15 When the Boat Rocks: Advice for Newlyweds
2016-02-08 Living into the Authority God Established for Families
2015-12-21 Love Traveled at Christmas.
2015-11-26 ​Why Worship?
2015-11-23 How Do I Manage Frustration?
2015-11-23 Sharing Thanksgiving Around the Table
2015-11-09 The Romans 12 Guide to Dealing with Difficult People
2015-10-15 God, Help Me Protect My Kids!
2015-10-05 How to Bring Everyday Romance into Your Relationship
2015-09-26 What is the Point of Marriage?
2015-09-07 Navigating an Unequally Yoked Marriage
2015-08-24 Uprooting Sinfulness: Seven Deadly Sins
2015-08-20 Nine Conversations to Have With Your College-Bound child.
2015-06-29 How to Care for Hurting People: Showing Empathy
2015-05-20 Establishing Discipline in the Blended Family Home
2015-05-18 How to Cultivate Family Worship Time
2015-05-14 When God Seems Silent
2015-03-26 Cultivating Empathy
2015-03-09 Talking to Kids About Sex: Freaking Out Over the Sex Talk
2015-03-05 How Can I Establish Discipline in My Home?
2015-03-02 Marveling at God’s World
2015-02-23 Why should I forgive?
2015-02-12 Demonstrating God's Love: Caring For Your Spouse
2015-02-02 How Do I Raise My Child to Embrace Faith?
2014-11-17 Devotions of the Early Church
2014-10-11 Making Memories: Seasonal Traditions
2014-10-08 Should I let my child quit?
2014-09-12 Living the Beatitudes in our Families
2014-08-28 Being Teachable: Characteristics of Un-teachable Behavior
2014-08-27 Being Teachable: Developing a Teachable Spirit
2014-08-21 Scriptural Truths for Parents
2014-08-14 Biblical Guidelines for Sexual Purity in Relationships
2014-07-09 Time Management with Jesus: Don't Rush Past the Blessings
2014-04-16 Teaching our Children How to Respond to the Voice of God
2014-04-02 The Power of Apology
2014-03-27 To What Voices Will You Listen?
2014-03-10 17 Things Spiritually Healthy People Don’t Do
2014-02-25 Daughter, You Are God's Warrior Princess
2014-01-13 Single Again
2013-11-18 Marriage Questionnaires: Test Taking or Taking Stock?
2013-09-19 Leaving a Spiritual Legacy: The Story of Epaphras
2013-08-26 Helping Your marriage navigate the death of a child
2013-07-29 Starting Marriage With Good Habits
2010-10-11 What Forgiveness Is
2010-10-04 What Forgiveness is Not
2007-05-14 Everyday Evangelism
2007-04-03 New Parents!
2006-12-22 Fighting Fair